800 000 vulnerable people in France: who manages their inheritance?

In an observatory, Apicil details the profile and expectations of “heritage caregivers” volunteers and professional representatives who manage the assets of vulnerable people in France.
Today there are around 800,000 people in France placed under legal protection because they are no longer able to defend their interests, most of them because of aging.
Apicil came up with the idea of ​​creating a Heritage Observatory for Vulnerable People with BVA to know the profile and expectations of the people who manage their assets, in particular through two surveys conducted in March 2019 with family caregivers and professional representatives.
2 million volunteer family caregivers
Today, according to Apicil, 4% of French people, or around 2 million people, manage the finances and wealth of vulnerable adults around them. Of these volunteer “heritage carers”, more than one-third perform this role without being formally assigned by a judge.
In practical terms, these caregivers almost all deal with the day-to-day management of accounts and daily expenses. Two-thirds say they have taken out or changed an insurance policy for their loved ones, and more than a third have had to manage a real estate transaction or estate.
Two-thirds of these family caregivers have already encountered difficulties, notably to manage a succession (40% of them), to follow the completion of a heritage inventory (25%) or to provide the annual management report ( 24%), 12% say they are looking for a referent who can advise them, and 10% for help and support. On average, these caregivers do not rely on one person for counseling and / or help.
42 people per professional agent investissement défiscalisant
On the other hand, there are the professional representatives, or judicial agents for the protection of adults, who are assigned by a supervisory judge to provide social, administrative, legal and financial support to vulnerable persons. The 100 professional representatives surveyed say they follow an average of 42 people and perform eight different actions every day: monitoring and management of bank accounts, settlement of expenses, completion of the annual management report and inventory of assets, subscription or modification of an insurance contract, management of an estate, realization of financial investments or a real estate transaction … comment défiscaliser en immobilier
95% of professionals say they have already encountered at least one difficulty due to lack of time (74%) and financial knowledge (43%) or in terms of support and advice (36%). The most complicated operations are for them the management of a succession, then the stock market operations.
To better perform their role, they estimate they need more time (18%) and training (13%).
(1) Surveys conducted by telephone from March 1 to 12, 2019 among 312 heritage caregivers from a representative sample of 7,744 French people over the age of 18 and from March 1 to 8 with 100 professional representatives